Our Carousel

Built in the 1930’s for a traveling carnival, our carousel has been at this location since the 1960’s and is still going strong today. Generations of area children have enjoyed the ride for so long that kids who first rode decades ago are now introducing their grandchildren to this local tradition.


Our Resident Bear

Brownie came to us from somewhere in the Midwest in May 2011. Fresh out of hibernation, he was craving pizza, naturally. Brownie had heard from his relatives that somewhere out west there was a beautiful restaurant right on the river that had the best pizza around. He made his way across several states before arriving in Eugene, Oregon, where he sniffed out the great smells of Roaring Rapids Pizza Company. Though he was a bit shy at first, Brownie now loves to come out and say “hi” to the families that come in for pizza!

We sat down with our resident bear translator and asked Brownie about a few of his favorite things. This is what he had to say:

Brownie’s Favorites

Color: “Green, like my Roaring Rapids vest.” Movie: “The Jungle Book. Where do you think I learned my awesome dance moves?” Song: “‘Born to be Wild’, by Steppenwolf.” This, paired with a great air guitar, makes sense. Roaring Rapids Pizza: “All of them, of course!” Book: “I grew up on The Berenstain Bears. They never get old.” Sports Team: “I love my Ducks!” Hobbies: “Hibernating, fishing and dancing. Oh, and eating pizza!” Where he would most like to visit, and why: “Italy, Chicago and New York City, so I can try all the famous pizzas of the world. But nothing will ever beat Roaring Rapids!”